15 min bed level 1

Level One - Blue Dream

Level 1 Blue Dream 32/3 CX

Duration 15 minutes

High velocity body cooling fan keeps area cool and 3 high intensity facial lamps create a bronze tanning experience. The Dr. Kern 32/3 is a combination of effective and at the same time gentle all-round tanning with unequaled comfort. The Dr. Kern 32/3 offers ellipse shaped tanning bed with 32 lamps, making it the right system for every requirement. The curved bench coupled with the canopy surround the entire body. The all-round lamp design guarantees an even, intensive tan over the whole body.

level 2 open

Level Two - Sonnenbraune Body Scan

Level 2 Sonnenbraune Body Scan 3500 VRT

Duration 12 minutes

Tans Fast, Deep, and Lasts The balanced tan technology in the body zone with 35 VHR Reflective Lamps and 3 – 500 Watt High Pressure Facial Lamps provide the best


Level Three - Sonnenbraune Diva Tower

Level 3 Sonnenbraune Diva Tower

Duration 9 minutes

This German-made beauty provides the deep, even, bronzed tan you’re looking for. The Sonnenbraune Diva Tower features:

360 degree tanning

9 minute maximum exposure time

Stand-Smart spacious oval design

Vertical lift body cooling system

ultra 6400 pic

Level Four - Ultra 6400

Level 4 – Ultra 6400

The Ultra 6400 provides an incredible tanning performance at an exceptional value, the 6400 tanning unit utilizes forty-four 160 watt lamps and 4 high pressure facial lamps to power this incredible bronzing system and deliver a 12 minute tanning session. The 6400 features two 250 watt high-pressure shoulder tanners and a mirrored facial glass giving you an even glow from head to toe.